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Mentioned elsewhere is that Berns-Martin is a very old name in gunleather (established1932).  Not as old as that, thankfully, is the current owner of the Berns-Martin trademark, Red Nichols formerly of California and now of Queensland Australia where he builds the line.  Nichols has been continuously engaged as a gunleather designer/maker since apprenticing to noted holster maker John Bianchi in 1970 for the latter's Los Angeles operations.  "Why not", reasoned Nichols, "learn from the master?".  Nichols created all of the Bianchi Holster company's gunleather products throughout the 1970s and 1980s and earned his first of 50 patents at age 25 -- then his final patent at age 50 and retired to Australia in 2000.  "Retired", that is, but not from gunleather; and in 2012 he established Red Nichols Holsters to service the American market with the founder of High Noon Holsters, Michael Punzone; who quite unexpectedly passed away the very next year.  Since then Nichols has 'seen the light' and today builds only in heat-tempered horsehide in a style inspired by the once-famous Seventrees in New York City.  Then: Red Nichols acquired the most famous gunleather trademark of all time -- Berns-Martin, custom holster maker to the fictional James Bond since the marque's appointment by Ian Fleming in 1958's "Dr. No".  And Nichols has melded all of this -- his half-century of experience, the horsehide, his Australian shop, and the retro-styled sensibilities of Seventrees; to create three all-new gunleather lines under the famous Berns-Martin name.  These are not copies of anyone's designs -- they are entirely original designs by Nichols that include not only features and styles that were unavailable in those vintage holsters, but also features and styles that are not available from any other maker in the world today!

Red Nichols Holsters,

Queensland, Australia

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Berns-Martin is a registered U.S. trademark of Red Nichols, all rights reserved.

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Holstory is a trademark of R.E.D. Nichols and John Witty.

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