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Common Queries

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What is your product warranty?

Berns-Martin's product warranty is the best in the business, and is extended to your retail customers only.  The point is made in just this way, because your business-related concerns are fully covered by our generous return policy (see the page titled Store Policy).


"Berns-Martin gunleather is warranted for fit, form, and function, for the working life of its maker -- Red Nichols.  During this period it is guaranteed always to perform as well for the original purchaser as it did when purchased new; with proof of that purchase.  This is not a repair warranty; Berns-Martin will replace your customer's item directly, with evidence of its return to the company's nominated USA agent".

As the retailer your company will not be involved in such returns or claims from consumers.  Instead, please direct them to contact Berns-Martin.

What are the payment options?

Berns-Martin's payment methodologies are built around the distance between its operations in Australia and your own operations in USA.  Decades of experience in this regard (an American check is useless here) demonstrate that a credit card or a PayPal account will work best for both of us.  Not least because there is built-in recourse for your company. 


This site is equipped to let you pay by either method.

Yes, this lengthy experience also dictates that payment be 'with order'.  It is backed by Berns-Martin's generous Returns Policy that eliminates any risk of inventory that is unsuitable for your resale.

What is your return policy?

Berns-Martin branded horsehide gunleather is inventoried at its exclusive agent in USA, and your retailer orders are chosen from that inventory for posting to you via USPS.  As a retailer you pay only actual postal costs to your door.  Due to favorable trade relations between Australia and USA there are no duties or imposts paid by anyone for the importation of Berns-Martin goods into America.

Claims and returns from your customers for any shortcoming in fit, form, or function -- will be rare, and you will direct them to Red Nichols who will simply . . . replace their item if it is received in good order by his exlusive USA agent; that address to be provided then.

Your claims and returns:  Berns-Martin is happy to accept the return, in as-delivered condition, of any of its products that are returned to the nominated USA agent in its original packaging.  Please ask first.

Berns-Martin's limited consumer warranty is spelled out elsewhere on this site -- and is the very best in the business.

What are your fitments?

Today's Berns-Martin gunleather is designed around yesterdays metal pistols, such as the 1911 Colt automatics and S&W's Magnum revolvers. 


Polymer pistols such as the Glock with their striker-fired systems are specifically excluded from Berns-Martin and Red Nichols fitments when these pistols have no external safeties -- even the striker-fired pistols of yesterday had safeties.  Holsters today do not add back the safety features that were omitted by these pistols' makers.

This decision was taken by Red Nichols long ago and it  has benefits for retailers:  polymer pistols attract polymer holsters which can be low margin products. And a maker who even attempts to inventory something for every pistol, puts the retailer in the position of flooring  too many fitments to suit the critical cashflow or retailing.

So Berns-Martins are made for the very popular, all-metal pistols that are: Colt's 1911 series, Beretta's M92 series, Browning's Hi-Power, SIG'S P22x series, and S&W's 1st-3rd gen automatics.  And for Colt, S&W and Ruger DA and SA revolvers.  Only.

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