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Berns-Martin branded horsehide gunleather is the very best in the business -- and like the holsters its packaging is not plastic, either.

Each and every Berns-Martin is delivered to you in a breathable, waterproof velvet jewelry bag that is in keeping with the special handling our gunleather receives throughout its delivery to the consumer.

It's a collectible in its own right.  Each Berns-Martin bag is labelled with a genuine horsehide medallion that bears the company's mark and its fitment, too.  Consumers can use the bag after sale for storing other valuable items -- hearing protection, cartridges, magazines, more -- and even hand it off to the 'other half' who otherwise might, or might not, be an enthusiast, too.

One could hang Berns-Martin products from the drawstrings on these bags, on hooks like every other retailer has for the last half-century.  But better yet, place the holster out of its bag in your glass display cases alongside the steel pistol it's been made for.

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